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Pozor Schod


Come, follow me…


No need to search long to find lots of good reasons to spend some time in Prague. This destination is nice, full of history and the capital of Czech Republic is really charming.

So, why not take the opportunity to participate in the 9th edition of Puzzlemanie 2016  the largest  puzzle contest of Czech Republic .


if your feet take you to Prague, here are some ideas


You can walk around the steep streets of the old town, wait in front of the astronomical clock to watch the ballet of automata that takes place every hour, stroll along the Charles Bridge, to contemplate the John Lennon Wall, visit the Kafka or Mucha Museum , enjoy a TRDELNI'K (Bun tape wound on cylinders that rotate on skewers for cooking, slightly sweet, sometimes sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts. the best are cooked over a wood fire).


Take a walk through the neighborhood of Malá Strana




At number 33* there is a small shop with a red façade, a sign on the door informs you that the shop is generally open from 11h to 17h or 19h.

But the times may vary ... and in case of closure, a simple phone call they will open the store in 20-30 minutes ... .. I love



This small shop is ART PUZZLE, a workshop-boutique of a Czech artist Kata Kissoczy


Kata Kissoczy's Puzzles are unique handmade models, made in wood . Halfway between paintings and puzzles, they naturally find their place in a showcase or simply hung on the wall. The secret ? Shhh ... do not repeat it, some pieces are glued



The Puzzles of this artist are beautiful objects, and if you have friends who love puzzles here is an original gift idea.

*Art Puzzle
Újezd 33, Malá Strana, Praha 1