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Sunday 25 February 2018 : 1ère édition du Concours de Puzzle de Berchem-Sainte-Agathe


On Sunday the 25th of February, we participated in the first edition of the Berchem-Sainte-Agathe puzzle tournament. As this contest took place in Brussels, we proposed to non-puzzler friends to participate with us: Gaëtan and Greg.

This tournament has an unusual format for us: 6 hours with a mandatory break. There are also 2 small games during the contest that can make you win 50 and 100 pieces.



The contest starts with a first puzzle of 500 pieces (wheelbarrow of flowers) and we get the opportunity to test our two recruits: Greg is doing well but Gaëtan ... hum how to say it ... At least he is of good will when asked to sort, as long as he does not come across colors that his color blindness prevents him from distinguishing. The organizer announces the size of the puzzles that will follow: there will be a 1000 pieces, then two 500 pieces. It scares us a bit because we know that to do that, we need much less than 6 hours. We finish the puzzle in first position, not far in front of the second team.

The second puzzle comes, it is a 1000 pieces representing a map of the world covered with postcards. While we are assembling it, a first little game arrives: we have to guess the weight of a basket of fruits. We are not far from the good weight but at least one team does better than us.

Noon arrives and the break too. This is not usual in the world of puzzle competitions but we can understand the interest of it for the children in order to keep the family aspect of the event.
Moreover it allows us to discuss with other teams more than what we usually do, as we are used to not lift the nose of our puzzle. We finish this second puzzle by consolidating our first position.

The third jigsaw puzzle represents the solar system. It is not so obvious for a 500 because there are a lot of black parts. This allows us to widen the gap in the lead. Gaëtan makes me laugh not being able to complete a planet consisting of about 8 pieces 🙂

The fourth puzzle is a 500 pieces representing horses. During this puzzle, the second mini-game takes place, it's about being the fastest in a riddle of logic. We are generally not bad at this style of game but another team gives the answer faster than us. We finish the 4th puzzle almost 2 hours before the end of the competition, a bit unfortunate but we can understand for a first edition. One wonders how the organizers will manage the rankings because other teams will clearly finish within two hours, including the team that won the 100-piece bonus. From our side, since there is no other puzzle, we can not increase our total number of pieces.

We wait patiently for the end of the contest and the proclamation of the results. We have the good surprise to be declared winner, the organizers having decided that at the base it is still a puzzle competition. This is especially fun because this time we came with Gaëtan and Greg.


List of puzzles:

  • Ravensburger 500 pièces – Summer bouquet
  • Ravensburger 1000 pièces – World travel memories
  • Ravensburger 500 pièces – Solar system
  • Ravensburger 500 pièces – Horsing around

Saturday 17 February 2018 : Second edition of Jigsaw Puzzle Context of  Sart-Lierneux


On Saturday 17 February, it is already the third contest of the year, and the second edition of the Lierneux contest which we had really liked last year, organized by the team 1001 pièces. This year again it was a success, we had space, we really liked the puzzles, the food was nice and the atmosphere very friendly.



I already spoil the end announcing that We are puzzled ! finished first in the ranking, and I can tell you it was not a foregone conclusion… Amongst today’s team members, two were ill; the third could not come and we had issue a call on social media to find a last minute replacement. Thankfully Corinne answered to us, although she had the flu too! She was not much experienced and probably was a bit intimidated at first, but it’s certainly thanks to her that we could win; two extra hands to sort pieces and assemble some is very important!

The competition started with a very classical puzzle, representing Neuschwanstein castle; who never did similar a puzzle! But personally it’s a memory trigger, I remember evenings puzzling with my grand-mother.

The next puzzle was a 500 pieces with kittens, and then a more difficult puzzle of 1500 pieces very nice and colourful. Next came a 1000 pieces with black and white pictures of London, with some typical details in red. This one was quite difficult to sort out once the red pieces were out, but we could make it on time to get the last puzzle: a 2.000 pieces showing a colourful street in Cuba, from which we were able to assemble 681 pieces. And note the Yakatrié team finished third on this competition, while they were only 2 members ! But we could not expect less from Sophie et Patrice de Goncourt:-)

Beautiful edition which allowed us to travel thanks to the nice puzzles!


Press article:


Consulter l'article paru de


List of puzzles:

  • Ravensburger 1000 pièces – Neuschwanstein in autumn
  • Ravensburger 500 pièces – Kitten in a basket
  • Ravensburger 1500 pièces – Portuguese windows
  • Ravensburger 1000 pièces – London, Multi Color
  • Ravensburger 2000 pièces – Colourful Cuba




Saturday 3 February 2018 - 13th edition - 4 hours Puzzle of Maransart


On Saturday the 3rd of February 2018, we participated in the now traditional tournament of the 4 hours of Maransart. This tournament has a special place in our heart because it is the first tournament we did only the two of us. And it's always a pleasure to find our friends of "la pièce qui compte". Besides the contest and for the first time this year, the organizers have proposed a market of puzzles. Each team can bring 1-2 puzzles and leave with the same number of puzzles. Excellent initiative.

This year we decided to participate in the category "Experts" which is done in teams of four, but with only the two of us. It would not seem very "sporty" to participate in the category "Initiates" but we like to do this competition just the two of us. We know we cannot aim for victory (there are some very strong teams present at this contest, even if we were four it would be a challenge) but our goal is to finish the puzzle.

This year's puzzle is a 1500-piece Star Wars puzzle. It will not be easy to finish because there are a lot of dark areas. At first we advance at a good rythm but the beginning of the black part is laborious.
Meanwhile, the team of "Le Tonneau essaie encore" wins the contest, in front of "les Dépuzzlées" and "Les faucons rigolent".

On our side, we are progressing little by little in the black pieces but there are still quite a few and only twenty minutes left before the end. I confess I do not believe anymore we can do it. A lot of people come to encourage us by seeing that we are close to finish and Cathy manages to accelerate the pace to allow us to finish the puzzle in 3:58, just before the end of the contest.


List of puzzles :

  • Educa 1500 pièces – Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

Sunday 28 January 2018 : 7th Puzzeliade of Hotton

2018 is here and we are back for a new puzzling season, which starts as every year with the Puzzeliade in the city of Hotton. The same SWAT team is here to participate to the 8 hours contest (Cathy, Patrick with Vanessa & Pierre).

This year the competition is off to a flying start, with a 1.000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, which is a bit hard for more "relaxed" teams, as some of them will spend most of their time only trying to complete this one…



The second puzzle is still a 1.000 pieces but a bit easier, we will take this as a welcomed pause before the next one : there we are a bit disappointed, because we already had this 1.500 pieces jigsaw puzzle in a previous contest. Moreover I had it done again at home not so long ago… Despite the "experience" in this puzzle, assembling it still seems to take at long time…

Then comes a 1.000 pieces representing New York, in general our team is not bad for this type of puzzle and in less than 2 hours it’s completed. There is only 30 minutes left for the last 500 pieces puzzle, which we are unfortunately unable to finish, we are missing 10mn !

This year, no food gift basket for the winners, we “only” get to choose a puzzle for our prize. I believe this year the organization had more difficulties in finding sponsors, but anyway it was still a very nice competition. What will happen next year? Because everybody agreed that the first two puzzles would be mixed together before being handed over to the We are puzzled ! … Will this be a handicap? We will demonstrate otherwise  🙂

Ranking 2018 :

Ranking Puzzeliade of Hotton 2018

Puzzles list :

  • Educa 1000 pièces – Blue Lady (Ketto)
  • Educa 1000 pièces – Photo class
  • Castorland 1500 pièces – David Galchutt : Hiboux
  • Educa 1000 pièces – Time square, New York
  • Educa 500 pièces – Sweets






Sunday 4 March 2017 : 12th edition of 4 hours Puzzle Maransart


As this year we could not participate to the Maransart juigsaw puzzle contest, which took place on the same day as the Barvaux-Durbuy Puzzleday, we have asked the organizers to tell us how went this year’s edition. Here you have the kind answer of Marie-Claire, from «La pièce qui compte»:



It is very nice of you, and here you have what we can say about the last completion at Maransart.

As every year, the 4 hours jigsaw puzzle contest of Maransart took place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the benefit of the association


Association de parents de jeunes enfants trisomiques 21

Association of parents of young children with Down’s Syndrome 21 wishing to join our forces in order to offer a better world to our so wonderfully different children.


Our edition was still quite successful despite the organization of the Barvaux puzzle contest, as 22 teams participated in the «Beginners» category, 18 were in the «Initiated», and finally 14 teams played in the «experts» category.


We started at 14h00. After 46 minutes, we had already our winner in the «Beginners» category, as the team «Magic puzzle» was ringing out the bell for the first time, shortly followed by «On fait ce qu’on puzzle» and «Qui se ressemble s’assemble» to complete the podium.


16h03 and here we have the first puzzle in the «Expert» category, completed by «le tonneau contre attaque», followend then by «les faucons qui rigolent» and finally «les Acharnées du puzzle».


In the «Initiated» category, we had to wait a little bit longer before we could put an end to the suspense, and it’s the «A nos puzzle» team who finalize the puzzle in 3h08, followed by «Ping puzzle» and finally by «les Yakatriés» who completed the leading trio


The date is already marked for the next contest on Saturday 3rd February 2018.


 La pièce qui compte

Puzzles for each category (Educa brand):

  • 500 p. – Madalene’s Hearts
  • 1000 p. – Grocery Shop (Suzanne Etienne)
  • 1500 p. – Africa Water Hole





Sunday 29 January 2017 : 6th Puzzeliade of Hotton

Our schedule has been particularly busy in the last few weeks and we got behind in the writing of our articles.

Our puzzle season started on January 29th with the Puzzeliade of Hotton (Belgium) where we took part in the 8 hours contest. As in previous years, Cathy and I were teaming up with Vanessa and Pierre.

The competition began smoothly with a 500 pieces puzzle representing parrots in a paradisiac landscape.

The second puzzle however was very difficult: it was a 1000 miniature pieces puzzle representing a picture of Lisbon. The image was black and white with the exception of two orange-colored trams. This puzzle blocked quite a few teams because the combination of black and white and miniature pieces made it really hard. Given the difficulty of this second puzzle, the organizers had the kindness to offer the 3rd puzzle to all the teams that couldn't finish this one during the 8 hours.

The third puzzle was a 1000 pieces representing Asian landscapes. No particular difficulty here and a welcome break after the previous one. Furthermore this puzzle is pretty nice.

The fourth puzzle was another 1000 pieces puzzle in black and white (with the exception of a red bike in the foreground) representing Amsterdam. This puzzle was rather difficult too but with standard sized pieces, so it was less difficult than the second.

We then got a 1000 pieces puzzle representing a shelf filled with weird items and small characters walking around. Pretty nice to do...

Finally, we got to the last puzzle, a 2000 pieces that we had already had in a previous edition. It was clearly not a puzzle that we are fan of but at this stage of the contest, I find it rather normal to put this type of puzzle. Let's just hope that we don't get it again next year 😉

At the end of the 8 hours, we are puzzled! were able to keep their title at Hotton and we shared a good gourmet basket. And after the effort, we finally enjoyed the good cakes that had been tempting us for a few hours…

List of puzzles:

  • Educa 500 p. - Paradis Tropical Paradise
  • Educa 1000 p. - The Alfama district, Lisbon (miniature)
  • Educa 1000 p. – Colours of Asia
  • Educa 1000 p. - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Ravensburger 1000 p. – Kitchen cupboards
  • Castorland 2000 p. – Water Fairy






Saturday 4 march 2017 : PuzzleDay of Durbuy-Barvaux


Since 2012 takes place our favourite competition : the Barvaux-Durbuy puzzleday ! It’s 8 hours of happiness, thanks to the excellent organization, atmosphere and puzzles from Clementoni!



We could not miss this event, which unfortunately took place this year at the same time than the 4 hours contest of Maransart, which we very much appreciate: we had to make a choice, and we hope this problem won’t happen again in the future.

This year We are Puzzled ! did not win the tournament, but the spirit of the competition was there and we gave the best of us until the end ! Our team finished in second position with only 31 tiny pieces behind the winners, and this despite the fact that we were only 3 members out of 4.


Ranking 2017


The proposed puzzles seemed to us a little bit easier this year than other editions, until we reached the fifth puzzle which was an extremely difficult one all in silver, and all teams messed up their sight on it for several hours. Personally it is not a puzzle that I find beautiful, however it is very original and it was a first for me, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to assemble it. Due to the special material of this puzzle, the pieces are a bit more fragile than usually for a Clementoni, and some got damaged quite quickly; it still is a good quality puzzle, and the pieces fit together well, thanks God…

And to finish the competition, we had the traditional « Impossible puzzle », very colourful this year!

To summarize, it was an excellent day as always, there were great prizes for all teams, a lot of individual competitions for the kids… Isn’t it obvious ? We’ll be back…


Liste des puzzles :

  • 500 p. – Cute Little Owls
  • 500 p. – Raffael: The school from Athen
  • 250 p. – Wolf-cub
  • 1000 p. – Tanikawa : London, England
  • 1000 p. – Historic cars in Cuba (Platinum)
  • 1000 p. – Impossible puzzle : Trolls






Saturday 18 February 2017 : 1st edition of Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Sart Lierneux


This year there was a new Jigsaw puzzle contest in Sart Lierneux (Belgium), organised by the tean "1001 pieces" for the benefit of the Helicoptered Medical Centre (CMH). We are Puzzled ! could not miss this new appointment  🙂

It was a 8 hours puzzle format, and for a first time it was a real success! We thought the organisation was just excellent and had no cause to be envious of other contests which have been taking place for several years already. The choice of the puzzles was perfect: it was varied, for type of image as much as size and difficulty of the jigsaws. There was enough for all tastes. On top of this, we were given puzzles from the very good brand Ravensburger, we were therefore thrilled!



The room and tables were spacious enough. The catering was also very good, as well as the music (variety and volum) and the light. Finally, the reward distribution was perfect, and We are Puzzled ! , who won this competition, will know how to make the best of it 🙂


Ranking 2017

Résultats 1er Concours Puzzle 2017 - 8 Heures Puzzle - Sart-Lierneux

It is sad for the organization, that they could not be fully sponsored by the brand ; they were however able to get the puzzles at a very good price thanks to the toyshop Lanuit in Vielsalm, and they have been able to distribute a nice profit to the CMH. We hope that the success of this edition will allow them to obtain even better conditions for next year.

List of puzzles :

  • 500 p. – Italian summer
  • 1500 p. – Romantic Venice
  • 500 p. – James Bond 007 - Retro
  • 1000 p. – Brooklyn Bridge view
  • 1000 p. – Wild animals in Africa
  • 2000 p. – Iguazu Waterfall






Since 2013, Günther Simetsberger has been organizing the World Puzzle Days in Facebook. This is an original event, which allows all jigsaw puzzle lovers to be reunited around the same virtual table to complete puzzles.

Affiche World Puzzle Day 2016


  • Anyone having a Facebook account may register. The event will begin on 1st January 2017 at exactly 00:00, and will end on 28th February at 24:00. During these two months, participants from all over the world will complete puzzles of 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 pieces while staying at home.



  • The only requirement is to regularly post pictures on Facebook to show the progress of the puzzle, and of course a photo of the puzzle once completed! Günther will take care of the very regular update of the statistics, so everyone will be able to follow the progress of the event.


  • In order to avoid some "cheating" (I do not see the advantage, as we do not gain anything and it is purely for fun...), we will have to add in the pictures an object which nature will be revealed only at the last moment, this will be the proof that the puzzle was indeed completed during those two months and not before.



We find the idea very original and above all immensely friendly: how bring together people from all horizons, cultural backgrounds, language, religion and gender, without prejudice and without discrimination? Simply by forgetting the differences and bringing closer those passionates around a common hobby that has no boundaries.


Useful links:

Facebook Group

Google WPD 2016 Center





Sunday, October  9th took place the 6th jigsaw puzzle championship of  Saillant


The sixth edition of this competition of puzzles organized by "The Friends of Saillant" was a really big success.



The social hall  cannot contain more participants. Like last year more than 40 teams competed in a studious atmosphere, something really like no other. Nothing to do with contests of cards or bingo. "puzzle is puzzle!"


All generations were represented ...


Ranking 2016

Catégorie “Junior” (puzzle 250 pièces)

1ère place 54 ‘ 00
Aléxis et Charlène CHRISTO
2ème place 54 ‘ 00
Agathe et Manon DEL CORRAL

Catégorie “Ado” (puzzle 500 pièces)

1ère place 52 ‘ 00 Julie MASSACRIER et Anna POYET
2ème place 1 h 26
Lyne BORY et Clarisse PANAUD
3ème place 1 h 34
Valentin VERICEL et Émilien CARRET

Catégorie “Amateur” (puzzle 500 pièces)

1ère place 1 h 20 Sonia VERICEL et Manon MASSACRIER
2ème place 1 h 22 Annick CHASSAGNEUX et Christelle CHEVALEYRE
3ème place 1 h 33 Marianne BUISSON et Christelle GARNIER
4ème place 1 h 34 Marie et Florence DEL CORRAL
5ème place 1 h 38 Jean Philippe et Corinne L’HERITIER
6ème place 1 h 40 Christine et Patrice CHRISTO
7ème place 1 h 50 Julie et Heather BOUGAMONT
8ème place 2 h 03 Claire et Audrey L’HERITIER
9ème place 2 h 17 Anne et Marie José SAULODES
10ème place 2 h 20 Virginie CHURCH et Ornella CALLA

Catégorie “Expert” (2 puzzles de 500 pièces)

1ère place 1 h 57 Amélie FOLLEAS et Sandrine BEAL
2ème place 2 h 32 Nathalie et Claire VERNADET


This year, our two Regional Champions :

Coline TOULY and Vincent PANAUD participated individually in the "Hors Concours" on a puzzle of 1,000 pieces.

Good rehearsal for the 24h Puzzles in Hannut, Belgium

The Friends of Saillant  thanks all the participants. See you Next year on October 8th, 2017.





More about the 5th Edition





Sunday, 2nd October 2016, new edition of the puzzle contest of Panassac


For the third time (after 2012 and 2014) the Association "the puzzle is in the field" organized its jigsaw puzzle championship in Panassac.

This year, there were 50 registered and 48 teams present. This competition achieved a large increase (30 teams in 2012, 35 teams in 2014) but also a new public. 

On the 1st edition in 2012, the public was more "local" not necessarily accustomed to the practice of the puzzle with only one team in 1000 pieces (to be sure of winning as they said!).

This time, nine teams in 1000 pieces and some really passionate.



How the day went...


Welcome from 10h to 11h, 11h to 16h30 puzzle with a meal break of about 1h for everyone



The Clementoni puzzles offered this year in the different categories:


  • Category experts  puzzle 1000p           rainbow beach huts
  • Category amateurs puzzle 500p          illustrazione Venezia
  • Category ados puzzle 500p                   bright red heart
  • Category enfants puzzle rond 212p     Minions orlando 


This year the first 3 amateur teams finished the puzzle in 1h25,1h26 30"  and 1h26  50".

But the  record establish in 2014 of 57 minutes remains unequaled.

Ranking 2016

Catégorie “Enfant” (puzzle 212 pièces rond – Minions)

1ère place 49 ‘ 55
les invincibles
2ème place 1 h 02
les cops
3ème place 1 h 32 les puzzle’s boys
4ème place 1 h 56 les Marseillais
5ème place 2 h 06
les girls
6ème place 2 h 10 les cousines
7ème place 2 h 11 les princesses
8ème place 2 h 15
les amies
9ème place 2 h 24 les donuts

Catégorie “Ado” (puzzle 500 pièces – voiture de course rouge)

1ère place 2 h 30 les killers
2ème place 3 h 12
les  jokers
3ème place 3 h 20 les E2
4ème place 3 h 26 les cousines
5ème place 3 h 40
Bertrand family
6ème place   spoutnik
7ème place   les imbattables

Catégorie “Amateur” (puzzle 500 pièces – Venise)

1ère place 1 h 25 les TGV
2ème place 1 h 26 ‘ 30 ” les 2 de tension
3ème place 1 h 26 ‘ 50 ” nous
4ème place 1 h 33 les Reinquins
5ème place 1 h 52 Maga
6ème place 2 h 00 Heckel et Jeckel
7ème place 2 h 03 Tara-Tata
8ème place 2 h 07
la team Mowgly
9ème place 2 h 12 les piccolo
10ème place 2 h 14
Nigalls family
11ème place 2 h 20 JE-BEN
12ème place 2 h 38 les incorruptibles
13ème place 2 h 41 les petites
14ème place 3 h 06 les pièces manquantes
15ème place 3 h 13 Mumbly team

ont également participé :

les Montagnols – lous esmérits – la paire Kinson – les minimes-

la team rue des potiers – les sisters – les vélos – les bénévoles

Catégorie “Expert” (puzzle 1000 pièces – Cabines de plage)

1ère place 1 h 55
2ème place 3 h 11
les Lyonnais – mais puzzle défectueux ( 41 pièces en double)
3ème place 3 h 33 les Doduos
4ème place 3 h 36 les Barcelonettes
5ème place 3 h 39
les pipelettes
6ème place 3 h 41 les  Dalis

ont également participé :

les Gargas – les Massylvaines – les vickings



a few Words from organizers


"The kids were confused by the round shape puzzle Minions, next time we will stay classic.

For teenagers, the 500 pieces was too hard. Ideally it would be a puzzle between 200 and 500 pieces, but not easy to find.

The audience was quite familial. Some parents made the competition looking after their young children.

We've had a lot of positive feedback on this issue and strong demand to organize it every year. We have already planned an exterior formula, but not in a competition mode where you really make the puzzle in the meadows, like the name of our association.

Meanwhile, we wish to develop the puzzles loan association. We will also provide an association with local structures: schools, seniors club, recreation center, retirement home .... "

See you in 2017!






This end of summer give us still a few beautiful sunny day, let's enjoy it!  so why not discover a giant puzzle game on beach.


The opportunity to relive a great moment of french reality TV show "Ch'tis vs Marseillais"*  on the test of a Beach Puzzle, 10 pieces, 2 teams, Kim is in trouble... a treat!



*"Ch'tis vs Marseillais" is a broadcast that pits teams of northern France against the South of France



In the series "Never without my puzzle", here we are again, this time with an experience 100% Caribbean !

This year holidays were dedicated to complete idleness… but this did not mean that we would not give ourselves over to the joys of our favorite hobby. First we mocked a bit in the French side of the Island of Saint-Martin; after having found some second hand shops that had in stock some jigsaw puzzles in bad shape and/or uninteresting, we visited on a Sunday morning a small garage sale next to Marigot’s port, for 2 Euros, we bought "The Fisherman’s house" (painting from Henri Deuil), from the brand Druon.


La maison du pecheur - 1000p - Druon

In the evening, we settled in our terrasse over the beach, with our aperitif which included rhum of course, and we started to assemble pieces.

That night there was the first and only storm of our holidays, and although the rain was neither cold nor much, we had to take our puzzle back inside the house.

But on the next morning we took it out again while we had our breakfast. Despite the poor state of the puzzle and the missing piece, it is a true delight to assemble puzzles in such a wonderful environment! The result in the sunlight and with a beach panorama in the background is just fantastic 🙂




Puzzle Bois Nemo


During our stroll at the Marigot’s craft market several days later, we could not resist to the temptation and bought this wood puzzle "Nemo", it will be perfect to brighten up the wall of our puzzle room 🙂





Puzzle Aéroport Princess Juliana


And finally, a quick tour to the souvenirs shop at Princess Juliana airport was sufficient to choose and take on board with us this colorful puzzle, which will remind us of our holidays memories every time we will need it!





From where in the world will come our next puzzle? 🙂


You are at the top, ultra connected, your cell phone always in your hand, not a single moment without receiving and sending a sms, always on Facebook, Instagram several times a day and Snapchat is your friend ...


Here's Puzzable




You like sharing pics with your friends? assemble puzzles? PUZZABLE, the puzzle-photo-sharing application is for you, for fun, for competition, for communication, for all!

A nice little app that will allow you to send and receive pictures as a puzzle, the puzzle-picture message being obviously to assemble, it's much  more fun


 a Success Story


Gedaliah Gold Pastor and Zachary Matz ,two young newly graduated from University of Maryland who launched in 2014 a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raised $ 22.033 for developing their application.

During a search on the internet I found the story of this start-up, had a look of the crowfunding campaign and decided to contact the co-founders. That's Zachary Matz who answer me very kindly and told me all about the genesis of Puzzable adventure.



a few words with Zachary


Question : " why puzzable? "


Puzzable was created because I noticed that photo-sharing today has become so instantaneous that it is no longer memorable. People scroll down their news feeds or look at a snapchat photos for no longer than 10 seconds (4 seconds on average) and after seeing thousands of images for such a short time, none of them is remembered at the end of the day. Puzzable aims to 'gameify' the photo-sharing experience by engaging the user in an interactive activity to both keep their attention longer and ultimately to better remember the picture that their friend shared with them. 


how began the story ?


My story of creating my first ever mobile application is more of a classic "garage band" type story. I graduated from University of Maryland in May of 2015 with a degree in Kinesiology (sports medicine). It was in University where I met my co-founder (a mechanical engineering student) as we were roommates and we decided to start a mobile application company because I was looking for something to invest in and he was looking for a new project to get involved in.


We brainstormed concepts for mobile applications one night and in the morning decided that a photo-sharing puzzle application was the best of the bunch. In April of 2013 we worked on a blueprint of how "Puzzles for Pals" as it was known at the time, would work. After we formed a common vision, we hired a development team to make it a reality.

And so, after 1.5 years of development while both being full time students at the university, the first version of Puzzable was launched on the iOS and Android mobile markets in September of 2014. As they say the rest is history.


I hope that gives you some idea of how this all came to be.


I know that a new version is expected soon to make operational all functions of this application, we will follow that closely

And it rocks!


Visit Puzzable